Day 1 of the MLM Prosperity Project with Tim and Poni Altvater

I am very excited, I am embaking on a 120 day journey called the MLM Prosperity Project, and I am going to document my progress as I go. If you want to learn what this is all about I recommend you check out Tim and Poni Altvater's webpage and videos here  You can hear their story, and how they started from nothing and found MLM which allowed them to really soar above and achieve their dreams! The great thing about them, they share with you how they did it!

I should state that I actually started late last night by watching their videos and taking notes and running everything through my head and realizing, how easy they have made this system.

So to start off, I need to start talkng to people. I mean REALLY reach out and talk to them! Check back tomorrow to find out how I did today!


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