Days 4 & 5 of the MLM Prosperity Project with Tim and Poni Altvater

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I know I haven't posted the last two days, the truth is I have been so busy talking to people and we had a business opportunity meeting last night, as well as a mastermind meeting afterward. I can tell during days 4 & 5 I spoke with 5 people very seriously about our business. Only one was a definite no, and the others are all scheduled to be followed up within the next few days to a week.

The post are going to start getting interesting because the focused follow up is about to start happening mixed with prospecting! Then where it will get really interesting is when I am sponsoring, prospecting and following up!

I just want to take a minute to tell you about a personal thing in my life this morning. Our family loves animals, we lost our bearded dragon Barney this morning. It happened on a day when my husband was gone to his job(he is a pilot and works out of state) and the kids are with their biological mom. I can tell you there is nothing worse than feeling responsible for having to tell the family of the loss of a pet, especially the kids.

The CD's I am still listening to is Beach Money by Jordan Adler


Day 3 of the MLM Prosperity Project with Tim and Poni Altvater

Check out  MLM Prosperity Project with Tim and Poni Altvater here: 

I spent about an hour listening to a CD this afternoon. It was my plan to take Sunday's off, but to tell the truth, I can't help myself with, I have to listen to my Cd's! I love them! 

So, It was getting to be around 8:30pm and I hadn't talked to anyone yet and even though I was going to take Sundays off, I kept thinking to myself, how hard could It be to talk to 2.5 people a day. So I told my husband I was craving some ice cream and off to the Magic Freeze we went. So, we were standing in line I was looking around but could not get myself motivated. More to the point I was trying to figure out how to separate a person out of the crowd. Not sure why I want to do this, but for me it is easier.

Well, we finished our ice cream, got in the car and were getting ready to leave. I was thinking to myself it is still early out west, I can make some phone calls. That is when a man approached the car and asked to take a picture of it. We have a 2010 SS Camaro that is yellow with black stripes. The guy said he texted his business partner about it who loves camaros and was on his way. I said business partner, (light bulb) What do you do? We will wait, we don't mind. He told me they resold products online. I flat out said I am in multilevel marketing. I am bold, and blunt. I was ready to explain also. Anyway, he was intrigued. As it turned out he was an Amway distributor, but we had a great conversation. Then his partner showed up with his wife. I talked with both of them, they were his upline. The wife was so nice. We talked about cold prospecting and about MLM in general. Then we traded business cards. I told her my "why" which I will also share with you in this post. 

The lesson I learned tonight is that while every person you talk to might not be a fit for what you are doing, that doesn't mean you won't meet some nice people thatt you want to stay in touch with, and you might learn something new! The wife and I are going to stay in touch!

Now I told you I would share my "Why" with you:

The reason I am in MLM and doing the MLM Prosperity Project is because I have a deep burning desire to help as many people as I possibly can achieve their dreams. I want to see them empower themselves both personally and professionally. To know that I could have a hand in that means the world to me!

I feel the MLM Prosperity Project will allow me to grow a team so that I may live out my "Why"

Today's CD book was Beach Money by Jordan Adler.


Day 2 of the MLM Prosperity Project with Tim and Poni Altvater

Check out  MLM Prosperity Project with Tim and Poni Altvater here: 

Ok, so here is an update on how I did yesterday...

I spent about an hour listening to cd's that I had to put myself in the mode, because I have to be honest, I love talking to people, but sometimes I freeze. This project is going to be good for me and my business because now I can hold my self accountable and you, my readers can too!

So, my plan was to talk to people at the concert on the square last night. Then at 5pm it started pouring rain! I even had in mind who I was going to talk too. Let me tell you something, it is fine to have in mind who you want to talk too, but when the plans don't go exactly how you want them to go, you have to be flexible.

Well, we went to dinner, then the storms subsided and the concert went on... We ended up hanging out at the house on the square and I actually talked with 2 prospects I had NEVER met before. These people were not who I had in mind, they were who happened to be there and, once I let my gaurd down, it was so easy!

After peaking their interest, I gave them my card, and most importantly I collected ALL their information and set up times to follow up this week on Tuesday!

So, that was yesterday. Today was a little different. Prospecting went a little further than just prospecting. I had an opportunity and seized it. The prospect was so interested that we went into the focused follow up immediately. I was a little thrown off, but that was ok. Needles to say, she will be signing up this week. And while I am not counting my chickens before they are hatched, knowing this person, I believe her 110%. I also spoke with 2 other and have appointments set up for Wednesday, and they are very excited!!! And truth be known, so am I!

Tune in tomorrow night to see how my prospecting goes! I will also post the CD's I am listening too!

My current listening material is Think and Grow Rich


Day 1 of the MLM Prosperity Project with Tim and Poni Altvater

I am very excited, I am embaking on a 120 day journey called the MLM Prosperity Project, and I am going to document my progress as I go. If you want to learn what this is all about I recommend you check out Tim and Poni Altvater's webpage and videos here  You can hear their story, and how they started from nothing and found MLM which allowed them to really soar above and achieve their dreams! The great thing about them, they share with you how they did it!

I should state that I actually started late last night by watching their videos and taking notes and running everything through my head and realizing, how easy they have made this system.

So to start off, I need to start talkng to people. I mean REALLY reach out and talk to them! Check back tomorrow to find out how I did today!



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