Day 3 of the MLM Prosperity Project with Tim and Poni Altvater

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I spent about an hour listening to a CD this afternoon. It was my plan to take Sunday's off, but to tell the truth, I can't help myself with, I have to listen to my Cd's! I love them! 

So, It was getting to be around 8:30pm and I hadn't talked to anyone yet and even though I was going to take Sundays off, I kept thinking to myself, how hard could It be to talk to 2.5 people a day. So I told my husband I was craving some ice cream and off to the Magic Freeze we went. So, we were standing in line I was looking around but could not get myself motivated. More to the point I was trying to figure out how to separate a person out of the crowd. Not sure why I want to do this, but for me it is easier.

Well, we finished our ice cream, got in the car and were getting ready to leave. I was thinking to myself it is still early out west, I can make some phone calls. That is when a man approached the car and asked to take a picture of it. We have a 2010 SS Camaro that is yellow with black stripes. The guy said he texted his business partner about it who loves camaros and was on his way. I said business partner, (light bulb) What do you do? We will wait, we don't mind. He told me they resold products online. I flat out said I am in multilevel marketing. I am bold, and blunt. I was ready to explain also. Anyway, he was intrigued. As it turned out he was an Amway distributor, but we had a great conversation. Then his partner showed up with his wife. I talked with both of them, they were his upline. The wife was so nice. We talked about cold prospecting and about MLM in general. Then we traded business cards. I told her my "why" which I will also share with you in this post. 

The lesson I learned tonight is that while every person you talk to might not be a fit for what you are doing, that doesn't mean you won't meet some nice people thatt you want to stay in touch with, and you might learn something new! The wife and I are going to stay in touch!

Now I told you I would share my "Why" with you:

The reason I am in MLM and doing the MLM Prosperity Project is because I have a deep burning desire to help as many people as I possibly can achieve their dreams. I want to see them empower themselves both personally and professionally. To know that I could have a hand in that means the world to me!

I feel the MLM Prosperity Project will allow me to grow a team so that I may live out my "Why"

Today's CD book was Beach Money by Jordan Adler.

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